Carding is the heart of spinning process. This is where the flock from bales is opened into individual fibers. Thus, it becomes easy to remove the excess impurities on the fiber surface



The input of roving frame is sliver that comes from draw frame section. In the roving section the linear density of draw frame silver is reduced by drafting process. After reducing the linear density the silver is transferred into roving (a thin form of rope). This is first stage where twist is inserted for making a yarn in the spinning mill. The output of this section is called roving which is wound on a bobbin and this becomes suitable for further processing.

Our Facility

The company has acquired approx. 26 acre of land at Survey No. 536/ 1, Taluka Anjar, Dist Kutch, Gujarat. Here we have a space for 3 phases of spinning capacity, altogether a no. of 1.25 Lac Spindles.

The location is best suitable considering that the company has proposed to sell its entire production to WIL and the land is approx. 7-8 km from facilities of Welspun India Ltd.

Also the facility is only 30 to 60 km from the two major ports i.e. Kandla and Mundra respectively, which will provide edge to the company if in future the company plans to sell products to others for export markets.

The location is very near to the state highway connecting to other locations viz ports, rail etc. Water pumping station, Power grid substation are located within 2 to 2.5 km range of the facility.



The Process of yarn manufacturing is shown in the Process flow chart as below.