“Two for One Twister” (TFO)

The method of twisting two or more single yarns is called doubling or twisting. “Two for One Twister” means, in one revolution of the spindle two turns of twist will be inserted in the yarn. The yarn will be unwound from a stationary feed package, guided through twisting spindle, twisted and finally wound on the take up package.

TFO have following advantages:

  1.  Production of long lengths of knot free yarn
  2.  Higher productivity
  3.  Fewer pre & post – twisting operations
  4.  Low manpower

Zero Twist Yarn

Regular yarns are twisted to impart strength in the terry towel fabric. “Twist less” or “Zero twist” yarn will be having maximum softness and absorbency. For producing zero twist yarn, cotton yarn will be wound with a water-soluble PVA filament yarn in a parallel winding machine. The wound yarn will be twisted in TFO machine. The direction of double yarn twist will be opposite to that of the single spun yarn twist, and the amount of twist will be equal to the twist in the spun yarns. By this process, the PVA filament will be wrapped around the cotton yarn and the yarn will be sufficiently strong due to the cohesion given by the filament.

The twisting the yarn will open the cotton fibers so that they can trap air and moisture between them, this will ultimately increase softness and absorbency. The PVA will get dissolved during dyeing, leaving the extremely low-twist cotton behind.